Color: Smoke Lenses

 Price includes shipping to and from our facility for service


Step 1: Select your preferred lenses.

Step 2: Complete checkout and receive your email confirmation.

Step 3: Click and print your prepaid shipping label.

Step 4: Remove all accessories and cases then securely package your frames. GATORZ is not able to return any accessories that are included in your shipment.

Step 5: Attach your prepaid shipping label onto your package and drop your package at any USPS drop off location.

Step 6: Allow 4 weeks (from receipt of glasses) for processing and lens repair. GATORZ will notify you when your frame has been received and is in route back to you.

Step 7: Receive your glasses with a fresh set of lenses, new nose piece, and a deep cleaning.

Step 8: Enjoy your fresh set of glasses!

*Please note, that we cannot do any repairs to the actual frame itself, including broken rivets, hinges, re-bending and re-dying the frames. GATORZ is not liable for damage to your frame while in transit to us due to improperly packing the inbound shipment.

*Original lenses sent in with the frames are discarded upon removal*