Lens Replacement Eligibility

All Stark, Delta, Delta M4, Magnum Opus, and Specter (non z87+ MILSPEC Ballistic) frames are eligible for lens replacement. Click here to go back to our lens replacement order page.

Some Magnum, Wraptor, Boxster, and Octane frames are eligible for a lens replacement. If your frame has a patent number or a production code that ends in A or B, we are unable to service your frames.

Does your frame have a patent number?

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Does the production code end in "A" or "B"?

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If you answered yes to either questions, we are unable to service your frames for lens replacement, and instead we can offer you access to our trade in program

Our trade-in program is setup to allow customers who have frames that are ineligible for lens replacement services to trade in their older model frames for new ones in exchange for a 40% discount off a new pair on Gatorz.com. If you are interested in that, please submit the form below and we will contact you with next steps.

If you questions about lens replacement please contact customer service