How It Works?

Step 1: Shop our entire lens collection.

Step 2: Select your preferred lenses.

Step 3: Complete the transaction on

Step 4: Receive and Print out your email confirmation.

Step 5: Send glasses to the address below, including a copy of your order confirmation. 

Gatorz Repairs
7015 E 29th St Suite 103
Yuma,Arizona 85365

Step 6: Allow 4-6 weeks (from receipt of sunglasses) for processing and lens repair.

Step 7: Receive your glasses with a fresh set of lenses.

Step 8: Enjoy!

 *Please do not send in accessories, such as hard cases or eye straps, with your sunglasses. Sunglass accessories will not be returned with eyewear once lens replacement is complete*

*Please note, that we cannot do any repairs to the actual frame itself, including broken rivets, hinges, re-bending and re-dying the frames*

*Original lenses sent in with the frames are discarded upon removal*